Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Success Stories From The 10-Week VO Holiday Challenge

Approximately ten weeks ago,  I created a promotion that centered around giving back to the community. The 10-Day VO Holiday Challenge. I challenged voice talents by giving them ten weeks to contact a charity of their choice, donate their service and then write about it on our official facebook page.  The mission was to use our voices to make a difference in our communities.  Here are a few of the success stories;

Lisa Biggs and seven other voice talents are in the process of recording “Patches and Friends”.  This is a video to help children how to understand and express their feelings when they are in need of help.  It’s a 5 month campaign supporting Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention.

Penny Abshire recorded some projects for Shriners Hospital!  This is especially close to Penny’s heart since it's the Shriners who have taken such wonderful care of her granddaughter, Danara. She was born with a birth defect and was in need of a prosthetic leg.  Now, she receives a new leg from Shriners Hospital whenever she needs it - completely free of charge - until she's 18.  It's an amazing organization!

Andrew Coffman recently signed up to volunteer for Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic) A great organization doing some very incredible things.

Jennifer Knight contributed her voice (a song) to this awesome project.

Ralph Hass recorded the voice of an angel for Willow Park Church.  This was part of the 20th Annual Living Nativity.

Wendy Edwards, Justin Barrett and Les Sinclair contributed their voices to the Lennon Project. 

Timo DeRumm donated a voiceover- to benefit those suffering from neurological injuries.  The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand.

Derek Chappel provided a voiceover addressing youth and alcohol issues.

Dan Harder recorded five scripts for the American Lung Association. 

EJ Holly is voicing some complimentary spots for Melanie's "Pink" campaign, National Kidney Foundation for Missy, and for Tammy's non profit.  

Dave Courvoisier read a chapter from Reader's Digest for AIRS/LA and raised money for the foster children of Clark County in this season.

Ken Knuckles did a live announcer gig for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee.  Over the years, he has lent his voice to other BBBS fund raising efforts.

Karen Commins rewrote two scripts and recorded the narrations for the orientation videos used by the Dive Immersion Program at the Georgia Aquarium.

Nancy Raciti was able to record a holiday greeting for Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic) to distribute to its members, volunteers, partners and friends.

Melanie Haynes was honored and happy to volunteer her services by narrating the United Way, Carthage Mo. 2011 campaign.

Stephanie Robinson was able to record 4 PSAs for the National Eating Disorders Association for their upcoming Awareness Week campaign February 26th - March 3rd 2012, "Everybody Knows Somebody." This charity is very close to her heart.

Darren Marlar recorded and sent some "Power Charge Promos" free of charge to a not-for-profit radio station in the Dallas area.

Cat Smith recorded two PSA’s.  One is for the Butterfly Fund, a charity that raises money for families of children with a catastrophic illness or event. The other is for Face to Face, the Sonoma County Aids Network.

As for me?  I am in the process of working with the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation on a couple of different projects.  Dystonia is a movement disorder that causes the muscles to contract and spasm involuntarily.

I can’t thank these voice talents enough for taking time out of their busy holiday schedules to contribute to such a wonderful promotion.  We will do it again next year.  Happy New Year to you and your families.


Tracy Jo said...

Awesome to see people coming together for great causes! Wonderful holiday challenge!

Wendy said...

I was able to voice for two other organizations, but they have yet to make their work public. Thanks for this great opportunity, Terry!!

Cat said...

I have to confess that thanks to laryngitis and the final scripts only getting to me last week, I didn't make the deadline. But thank you for including me and I do have the recording date in the studio next week. Congrats to everyone on their amazing projects.