Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: No More Excuses

We all procrastinate.  It’s a part of life but there is always something we can do about it.  I have enjoyed a fruitful voiceover career.  I am looking forward to doing it for the rest of my life but ever since I spoke at Voice 2010 in Los Angeles, I have wanted to pursue public speaking on the side.  2012 is the year where I plan on being more aggressive with that dream.  No more excuses.  No more, “I’m just too busy to do it this year.”  You are NEVER too busy to start something you are passionate about. 

I get calls and emails from people all the time who are looking to get into voiceovers.  I love these inquiries because I learn something different from each person.  It’s exciting to learn what drives them or what made them pick up the phone or write the email in the first place.  It’s that first step that takes a lot of courage.  The ones who are determined and have a plan are the ones I love working with. 

We all need to work together to conquer our fears and start taking action.  This isn’t just a blog for voiceover artists.  It’s a message for those who have wanted to try photography, music, marketing or whatever!  Put your finger on the pulse of what makes you happy and go for it.  We’re not getting any younger!  A couple of fine clichés there but it’s true!  Phrases like, “maybe next year or maybe when I have a little more free time” are killers!  When thoughts like this enter your mind, tell whoever is sitting or standing next to you to smack you.  Lol! 

The fact of the matter is that you will never begin as long as you allow circumstances to dictate your starting point.  You must begin at once. Take action and change your life.  You cannot succeed if you never start.  Learn what steps you need to take to make it happen.  You don’t need to launch at light speed.  Put together a plan of attack to reach your goals and begin the journey.

“Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door!”  Did I really just quote the Winter Warlock from “Santa Claus in Coming to Town?”  You bet I did!    


Cliff Zellman said...

I see this as the line that puts it all into perspective...

"The fact of the matter is that you will never begin as long as you allow circumstances to dictate your starting point." Excellent, Terry!

Lowest price paid always said...

Good words Terry! Only reinforces my plan of attack for 2012. To achieve my VO goals i'm reducing my work week in my business from 6 days/week to 5 then 4...to focus on my dream work. Hell i'm gonna be 50 this month..i gotta make it happen.

Trish Basanyi said...

Funny Cliff...that line stuck out most in my mind, too!! Great post, Terry....it's so true. Most people are procrastinators, sometimes it just takes a kick in the arse by someone else. Having someone around to hold you accountable for getting things done is priceless! Just DO it. And Terry, you are GREAT at public speaking...I hope you keep us posted on your progress with this in 2012!

Tracy Jo said...

LOVE this post! I am glad that we have each other to push us to that next level. 2012 is going to rock!

Gary Gillett said...

"Leap and the net appears"
~ Zen Proverb

It's weird. Procrastination seems to be based on not only fear of failure, but on fear of SUCCESS, as well! Why? Because THEN where do you go? See the path as the destination, and the fear dissapates into nothingness. Love the PATH.

Paul Strikwerda said...

A 2007 survey of over 3,000 people conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman led to one conclusion: 88% of all resolutions end in failure. Why?

1. People are stubbornly set in their old ways
2. People lack willpower and self-control

I'd like to add to that:

3. Vague goals lead to vague results. Things like "I'd like to get better at..." lack focus, lack commitment and lack a clear path to get there. Good intentions are never enough.

4. Goals stated in the negative, such as "I will stop doing....." focus on what people don't want. It's hard to reach a goal if you concentrate on what you wish to avoid. Smart goals are always stated in the positive.

5. Reaching goals requires inner motivation. If you need someone else to hold your hand or kick you in the pants, I wonder how meaningful that goal was to you in the first place. Yes, it's nice to have cheerleaders, but YOU need to run the race!

Rick Lance Studio said...

Well said, Terry... and you Paul!

You've heard the expression... "I'm gettin' ready to get ready to do it!"
In the south we say , "I'm fixin' to get ready to get ready to do it!"

Neither of which will get you nowhere fast!

Kevin Scheuller said...

Great stuff, Terry, except (if I recall correctly) I think that it was Kris Kringle - a.k.a. Santa Claus - who inspired Winter Warlock to echo him when he broke out into the song, "One Foot in Front of the Other."

Terry Daniel said...

Lol! You are probably right, Kevin! I just had the image of the warlock taking those steps and singing the song! :-)