Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gully jumping - get out of the ditch!

Life is full of highs and lows - we get sidetracked into the ditch and have to find our way back to the road we are meant to travel. We need to jump out of the gully.

This past week I ran into a roadblock. It made me realize a few things & make some changes.

I have a cornea condition called, “Cornea Dystrophy”, a disorder that clouds up your vision and creates a constant burning sensation.  It’s a problem that heals and then comes back. During the times that it is acting up like this last week, it makes it difficult to focus on work through the pain and struggle of trying to read a script.  I always fight through it & manage to get everything done but it seems to be twice as hard to accomplish. I always tell myself that I am lucky and that things could be much worse.  What if I were a Pilot?  My career would likely be put on hold or even over. First realization. 

When facing a hurdle, it is natural to run for the ditch and give up. It’s too easy to just let the frustration overwhelm you causing you to just walk away from your project. Second realization. If you make sure to take a short break when you feel like that and then get back to your project - it will run much smoother and you will feel better. My days were difficult while dealing with my eye but when I would take just a few minutes to rest it, it made all the difference. When doing voice-overs, If you are dealing with pain or discomfort, don’t force it to happen when it’s not there.  Your frustration can lead to a dissatisfied client because they will hear it in your recording.

Third realization. We are all dealing with struggles at different points in our lives. It is the way we look at those struggles, our attitude that makes or breaks us. When facing a challenge, find a way to jump out or around it. What can you do differently?  How can you manage your time, so that these types of hurdles don’t get in the way of delivering excellence?

There is always a detour around every roadblock and you might even enjoy the scenery.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Favorite Mom Moment

My favorite Mom moment was when she came and had lunch with me in the first grade at Champlin Elementary School. They had designated a certain day of the year where parents could come and have lunch with their kids.  It was a proud moment in my life and one that has continued to stick with me. I remember being really sad when she left and I almost started crying! I did everything to fight the tears because I knew everyone else was around. Hey, we had egos and reputations to protect in the first grade! Seriously, it's moments like these that we should cherish forever. By the way, I also think that was the last time I ate a long dog roll-up!  

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Team TNT!

Voice Overs By Terry Daniel Inc would like to welcome Tracy Blowers to the team!  Tracy is the new Client Relations Manager and will be handling day to day operations including scheduling (Thank God!) and other aspects of marketing and client development.  

She will also be in charge of giving Terry a massage once in a while.  Ha! Seriously, I am very excited about our new direction.  She came up with a killer plan a couple of months back on how it could work and I loved it!  Let the journey begin.

Cheers to TNT!