Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life Is Too Short

Life is too short to let the economy or any other excuse stop you from achieving your goals. The reality is that the economy is going to continue to move through its cycles and plenty of challenges will present themselves in an effort to distract you along the way of reaching your goals. What you need is a game plan and a strategy for dealing with the challenges.  If you look at successful people you admire, they are not successful because they never had a plan or encountered a challenge, they are successful because they created a plan and kept their eyes on their goals and not on the obstacles.

This is not to diminish the challenges you may be facing. I am saying this to encourage you. You are not the only one who has obstacles and the obstacles are not larger than your potential to overcome them. It may not be easy, but it will be well worth it. 

First and foremost, mind your business. Decide exactly what you want to achieve. Then make a game plane to work through the obstacles. Tougher economic times may require some creativity and making smart, calculated financial choices. It may require you to increase your networking and perhaps think of additional ways to serve your clients and increase your value potential. You may choose to work on your skills and get some additional training or seek mentorship from other professionals who are doing what you would like to do at the level you aspire to achieve. 

Then, isolate yourself from unnecessary distractions. Your time is valuable and you must choose how you leverage it. The time you allocate to social media, advertising and networking must be purposeful and deliberate. You may need to increase the time you spend doing auditions or you may need to choose your auditions more carefully.  Be sure to allocate time to yourself and your family too, as tougher times - regardless of the stressors - often distract us from what really matters in the end.

You can choose to make excuses or you can choose to make your voice over business flourish. The decision is yours.

Cheers to your success!


Anonymous said...

Terry! This is awesome, preach it! Balance is power and surrounding yourself with those you want to emulate is key!!! Thanks for starting such a positive wave! Tracy Dahl

Pearl Hewitt said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom Terry. You're dead right in what you say and I hope you keep re-posting your advice to remind us to keep busy and work hard.
I personally have to work hard to be focused. I am very good at being unfocused at times. If I don't make a list of 'to dos for tomorrow' before I go to bed at night, I might as well just walk around in circles the next day, picking things up and putting them down in different places, creating a big mess. My creative brain (and that's what I blame it on) cannot think in a 'straight line' unless I can visually see, in black and white, on paper, what path I should be taking for the day.
Make a list, STICK to it and try to complete the tasks in a given time so you're not spending all day on one thing. Do not stray from the list if at all possible. It will make for a very productive day which then snowballs into a feeling of achievement, saves you time and allows you to spend time with your family in the evening.
Think longer term too by making a 'to do for the month' list, a 'to do for the year list' and actually write down your ultimate goals. If you don't have your goals written down it's hard to work toward what you can't 'see'. Each day's 'to do list' is a baby step toward completing your month's 'to do list' which, in turn is another step toward the year and ultimately your goals.
I make life so much more difficult for myself if I don't follow these simple rules. 'To dos' keep your mind tidy and a tidy mind will produce results!

CourVO said...


Love the look and the design of your new blog!! if you could only write!!!!

Also, thanks for generously linking to my blog in your blogroll.

You are an uncompromising optimist like me, Terry... I like the way you think.

Dave Courvoisier

John McLain said...

Amen, Terry. The best way to steer the ship through choppy waters is to keep a firm grip on the rudder. Great post, thanks!