Thursday, September 29, 2011

King of the Barrelhouse Piano

It had been over 20 years since I last heard his music but thanks to technology, I was able to transfer tracks from Uncle's album to my computer.

A modern day honky tonk pianist who had continued the tradition of lively improvisation and driving rhythms in his music travels.  Incorporating extreme speed into his unique style, he channeled his power into a percussive style of piano that hearkens back to the honky tonk roots of African drumming and thimble thumped minstrel banjos.

Terry Powell died in October of 1992 of Leukemia but his music will always live on.  I’ve always known where my musical tastes of classical jazz and bluegrass came from.  I remember seeing him live and not being able to sit still all the way to the last number.

He left this earth too quickly at the age of 58 but I am happy to share some of his music with you today.  

To hear a sample, click on the audio player below.  Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Terry's Theme by voiceoversbyterrydaniel


Tracy Jo said...

Beautiful tribute to your Uncle! I love being able to hear him play. Awesome post!

Nacey said...

HE was the best!!! I miss you big brother!!! :(

Kevin Scheuller said...

Great music, Terry. Marvelous tribute, indeed!

Derek Chappell said...

Great stuff Terry. Thanks for sharing.

Ricki said...

Terry thanks for the memories I recall when we would come up that way and visit and stopping at uncle Terry's. Dad talked him into sitting down and playing . But I don't think it took a whole lot of convincing I would be in a trance listening to his flawless perfection, what a greay artist.

Chuck Larsen said...

I was the General Manager @ Ground Round in Rochester, MN 1976-1977. Terry drove over from Mankato and played 5 nights a week with Lowell Schreyer joining him on Friday & Saturday nights. I was at a party yesterday that had Lowell's daughter Debbie playing with her band. Got me thinking about the days of Terry & Lowell. They were great talents and Terry & I got to know each other pretty well. I still have his album in my collection.