Thursday, September 6, 2012

If The Mic Isn’t Rockin, Start Walkin!

When the mic is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’! Okay, so what do you do if it’s just not rockin’ and you’re having a tough time getting your delivery down and you're stumbling through the entire script? Instead of getting frustrated and stressed out, take a break and come back to it.

That’s right! Go for a walk, turn up some music, make yourself a cup of tea or take a power nap. Fifteen minutes can do wonders! While excessive napping doesn’t pay too well, either does excessive stress. I enjoy running and playing basketball at the gym. It's great exercise and it always reboots my brain!

The point is to just break away from the studio – completely remove yourself and escape for a bit so that you can refresh! If you force it to happen when it isn’t, your frustration will come across in the recording. The voice is transparent and modulates to express our span of emotions. Any frustration, anxiety and stress will show through, stalling the flow and zapping the energy from your voice.

It’s like a good major league pitcher who just doesn’t have his good stuff on a particular day. If he struggles, the coach takes him out. If you're struggling during a day of recording, remove yourself from the studio.

So go ahead and break away! You’ll come back to the studio refreshed, full of vibrance in your voice, and ready to deliver!


Marc Scott said...

As goofy as this sounds, and as humiliating as it likely will be for me to admit it, when I'm tripping up on recordings, I quite literally get up and shake it off! I'll bounce around my apartment, shaking it off.

It sounds really stupid, even as I type it. But there's something about the goofy nature of it, about how entirely ridiculous it is, that actually seems to reset my brain or something.

Of course, if that doesn't work, then it's definitely time to go get some fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Taking a break does wonders. I find exercise helps me the most.

Paul Hernandez said...

That's good advice Terry. I just finished a technical script in Spanish that was a real chore... I did just what you suggested... I walked away from it for a while enjoyed a sit com and when I got back to it I was able to cruise on through it.

Tracy Jo said...

Great advice!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Rowell Gormon said...

...over and above all your fine points, Terry, it saves one all that time re-doing the stuff i pushed thru while stressed...that sounds like crap!