Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Voiceoverland- A Recap of Voice 2012

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical at first when I heard that Voice 2012 was going to be at the Disneyland Hotel. I didn't think it was the right location for this event but I was wrong. It was perfect! Between the spacious conference rooms, beautiful pools and the bar/restaurants in Downtown Disney, this is one of the best Voice International events to date.

This year, the event seemed to lure a few more voiceover students than pros but it was a nice mixture and everyone got along tremendously. It was nice to meet a few of my talented students in person as well! Everyone was gracious with their time and the energy was uplifting. You don't always see that in other events.

Some of the best networking came by way of the conversations that took place in the infamous Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. I had several intriguing conversations with Stew Herrera, Bobbin Beam, Dave Fennoy, Trish Basanyi, Tom Dheere, Stephanie Ciccarelli and many more.

I didn't make it to all of the presentations but Tom Dheere's presentation on "Goals and Action Plans" was fabulous. The Super Socials presentation was well received. For the first few minutes, I was hiding in the basement of the hotel waiting for Dave Courvoisier to come and get me. It was all a part of a skit, where I accidentally sleep in and Dave has to come and wake me up for the presentation. It felt like I was back in theater again. Loved it! Here's a pic of us on stage as well as the video we used for the opening!

Downtown Disney was fabulous! Tracy and I had so much fun going to dinner with our VO friends. We had a lot of laughs and it was great exchanging marketing ideas!  The Jazz Kitchen was one of my favorite places. Great food and scenery.

I took Tracy to this event not knowing how she would interact with a bunch of voice talents but she did great and everyone loved her. She was also a big help in running the PPT for our presentation. We had plenty of time to play. We spent some time at Disneyland. It was the first time I had gone since I was a kid and it was a very nostalgic moment for me. I had gone with my family in the mid 70's. We took a "Griswold" type family vacation to the west coast via motor-home!

The Garden Party was the last event we could attend due to having to fly home a day early. It was great to see Joe Cipriano and some other pros I hadn't seen for a couple of years. The weather was perfect. Crystal clear blue skies and the temp was in the middle 70's. This was another event where the networking was priceless. For the new talents, you can learn just as much from networking with some of the pros as you can sitting in the presentations.

Special thanks to Jim Alburger and Penny Abshire for putting on another impressive spectacle at Voice 2012 and for giving us, the "Super Socials" another opportunity to present on social media and the voiceover industry. See you in 2014, if not sooner!


Tracy Jo said...

Such an awesome time and great blog recap!

John Lano said...

Great rundown, Terry! It sounds like it was time very well spent. Was it a bad thing that so many students were there?

VO on The Go said...

Great seeing you again, Terry.

Terry Daniel said...

@John Lano...Not at all, John! Just not as balanced as previous years but not a bad thing. It was a blast!

creativoices said...

great article. Great VOICE 2012

Scott Beerbohm said...

"For the new talents, you can learn just as much from networking with some of the pros as you can sitting in the presentations."
I agree 100%, Terry! Quite often I found myself taking notes as I talked with people BETWEEN the presentations (as well as during them, of course).

I was also very encouraged by all of the others that were just getting started in the business. I left the event feeling like I belong to a new community of wonderful people.

And yes, it was a blast! :)

Cat Smith said...

It was so very awesome to meet you in person and Tracy was delightful. And you're right, the location was absolutely perfect.

Pearl Hewitt said...

It was a blast Terry. I only got to talk to you briefly but I really enjoyed your presentation with Trish and Dave and I agree that Tom Dheere's presentation was great. In fact my name was drawn from the hat to receive a free one-hour consultation with him. We managed to sit down together during the convention and worked on a few fixes to help my career. He's an awesome guy and will definitely follow up with a further consultation later in the year. Networking at the Tiki Bar was a blast too. I have some great pictures and will post them once I get them off my camera.