Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heavenly Voices

2012 has already been a challenging year with illnesses in my family and the loss of several loved ones that were close friends. There are always times where we feel alone. In those moments, we may feel like we are the only ones feeling that way. However, in the real world, just about everyone does!  And you know what?  It’s perfectly okay. It is in times like these that we are drawn closer to each other. My late Uncle and Grandmother are always smiling down from the heavens, telling me everything will be alright. They are the ghosts in this house. They keep things in perspective. In a way, they are protecting my house.

When I feel alone or like I am really struggling, I look up to the old record album of my late Uncle Terry. I feel as if he is looking down upon me and saying, “Come on, guy. You gotta keep going!”

Do you have a ghost in your house looking down on you? I bet you do. Don’t take life for granted; not even the lives of your loved ones that have passed on. Every single breath, thought and even chuckle are all precious moments. Embrace them. Accept them.

There is always a voice in your head offering words of wisdom. These voices do not have to scare you; they can be positive reinforcement that you could have received from a loved one before they passed away. Maybe one of your grandparents or another close relative said something to you that engraved itself into your mind. Now, every time that you are having a rough day, you are able to reflect on those empowering words.

There have been many times in this house where my dog would look up and bark even though no one would be there. Sometimes, I even hear whispers throughout the house or strange noises in the middle of the night. Imagining that it is just one of my loved ones hanging out in the kitchen or fumbling through the clutter in the storage room always brings a smile to my face. I never feel afraid. I am comforted because I know the memories I cherish about the people I love will always live within me.


Mikethevoiceoverguy said...

I really enjoy reading your introspection on "Heavenly Voices". Over the last few years I had friends and family pass on, including my mother who died of Brain Cancer. I hold the thought that just because somebody is not physically "here" doesn't necessarily mean they are out of your life. I believe that there is a spiritual side of us that we don't completely understand but is at work if we let it.

Mikethevoiceoverguy said...

I enjoyed reading your introspection on "Heavenly Voices". I too have had friends and family pass on, including my mother who died of brain cancer a few years ago... I believe that just because somebody is not physically here doesn't mean they are not with us. Spirituality comes to mind. I think that as spiritual beings we are all connected.

B McNee said...

Was your uncle a musician? You mentioned his record album? And kudos for the unrelenting reach for action and positivity.